Reminder: The Godfather screening tonight @ Festival Bay




Reposting this as a reminder: On March 22nd, Cinemark theaters will be screening The Godafather for one day only to commemorate its 40th (!) anniversary.

Orlando is in luck, because the Cinemark at Festival Bay will be taking part in the screenings with two showings, one at 2pm and one at 7pm.

It's such a strange release.First of all, it's a digital print, not a film print, so I don't get why this has to be a one day thing. They could have rolled it out for a week or two and probably made some nice rep money with it. Secondly, Cinemark doesn't really have that big a presence, especially in big movie markets (none in NY, LA, SF), so I don't get why they went exclusive with it. A few screenings at the AMC Times Sq or at the New Beverly in LA would probably just rake in money.

But anyway, Orlando is actually in on a big movie day for once. I'll post this again on March 20th, but you should probably buy your tickets now.