Selection Reminder: Fort Wilson Riot tonight at Stardust Video & Coffee!



Photo by Ryan Hager & Monika Rofler
  • Photo by Ryan Hager & Monika Rofler

Thursday, March 22Fort Wilson Riot

9 p.m.

Stardust Video & Coffee

1842 E. Winter Park Road



The Minneapolis duo of Jacob Mullis and Amy Hager take their nom de guerre from a 1779 incident in which a drunken mob, enraged by Founding Father James Wilson’s successful defense of a couple of dozen Philadelphians who aided the British, stormed the house where Wilson and his defendants were staying, intending to tar and feather them all. While it’s a great band name, it is slightly misleading: The band’s potent tonic, made up of equal parts Best Coast, Speak and Spell-era Depeche Mode and a shot of Dusty Springfield is hardly music to be barricaded in your house by. It’s difficult to imagine going out in a fiery blaze set to something like “Diamond Blues,” which sounds like Burt Bacharach accepting a temp residency at Tin Pan Alley, or the college-rock perfection of “Lead Me On (Pieces of the War Pt. 2).” Yeah, doesn’t totally congeal. Be a great story if you survived it, though. – Justin Strout