Selection Reminder: Two-Piece Mini Fest tonight at Will's Pub!


Poster art by Austin James
  • Poster art by Austin James

Saturday, March 24Two-Piece Mini Fest

7 p.m.

Will's Pub

1042 N. Mills Ave.



Now on its third edition, the one-night mini festival celebrating the musical magic of two – two-piece bands on two stages, twice a year – is officially into its second year. Besides the theme dovetailing with numerical perfection, it’s a significant benchmark that speaks strongly of the event’s commitment to being a permanent fixture of the scene. And we’re all for it. This time, the fest is returning to Will’s Pub where it started and features a cross-genre litany of musical duos that includes Yogurt Smoothness (who curate and organize the event), Trails, Bellows, Disasteroids, Bob on Blonde, Juan Pablo, the Send Offs, the Dull Blades, Sloppy Disk, Alabama Man Whore, It Runs in Our Blood and Milk Carton Superstars. The dual-stage setup means it’ll all come at you as a high-impact, nonstop, six-hour train of live music, and you can’t beat that for five bucks. – Bao Le-Huu