Opening in Orlando --- March 30th, 2012



Mirror Mirror -- The first of this spring’s two Snow White adaptations has Julia Roberts assuming evil-queen duties for director Tarsem Singh. The supporting cast includes Armie Hammer, Mare Winnigham and Nathan Lane. Wait a minute -- somebody put Nathan Lane in a movie and didn’t let him play the evil queen? (PG)

[youtube 8CHXHEIGb7A]

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen -- Reviewed this week. (PG-13)

Thin Ice -- Reviewed this week. (R)

W.E. -- Reviewed this week. (R)

Wrath of the Titans -- The *Clash of the Titans** remake got lambasted left and right for lousy post-conversion 3D, so you have to give director Jonathan Liebesman credit for learning from his experience. No, he didn’t shoot the sequel in legitimate 3-D -- but he did exert meticulous creative control over the tie-in ViewMaster set. (PG-13)

[youtube rmm7XI2iRqg]