Opening in Orlando -- April 4th-6th, 2012


Opening in Orlando -- April 4th, 2012 Titanic in 3D -- Remember when James Cameron taught you that love never dies? Of course you don’t, because that was Andrew Lloyd Webber. But we forgive you for getting your ’90s kitsch peddlers mixed up. What’s important is that the history-making blockbuster Titanic is back in theaters, in a move that has everything to do with Cameron availing himself of new technology, and nothing at all to do with putting some air between the former box-office champ and two Dark Knights. Heaven forefend. (PG-13) [youtube Jkjrh4EWW4E&feature=fvst]

Opening in Orlando -- April 6th, 2012

American Reunion -- Speaking of ’90s flashbacks, return with us now to those halcyon days when a certain President’s Oval Office dalliances set the tone for a nation’s giddy obsession with wall-to-wall, consequence-free sex. The libidinous Pie hounds are all grown up now, see, and some of them even have kids. (Kids who were probably born with learning and sensory defects from all that unprotected band-camp rutting, but we digress.) In a real magic-of-the-movies moment, Tara Reid gets to have a Smeagol-like heart-to-heart with an alter ego made up of her discarded body parts. (R) [youtube clwJtIzR-Xk] We Need to Talk About Kevin -- Reviewed this week. (R) [youtube TGjjK5SMbJA]