Opening in Orlando -- April 20th, 2012


Chimpanzee -- Reviewed this week. (PG)

The Lucky One -- Zac Efron plays a Marine in pursuit of the mystery woman whose photo gave him something to live for during his service in Iraq. And in case you were still wondering which demo this picture is aimed at, it turns out she works with animals.  (PG-13)

[youtube FgdVhUbrq0s] Think Like a Man -- While Fox tries to wipe up the mess he made of The Fantastic Four, director Tim Story moves on to adapting Steve Harvey’s best-selling relationship guide. And he just might have the odds in his favor this time, given that the genre of pop sociology books turned narrative comedies is full of legendary artistic successes like Mean Girls and and and (PG-13) [youtube vxTN4eX4Vss]