Selection Reminder: Say Anything tonight at the Beacham!



Wednesday, April 25 – Say Anything

with Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band, Fake Problems, Tallhart

6:30 p.m.

The Beacham

46 N. Orange Ave.



Max Bemis is like the poet laureate of the pop-punks. Bemis – via his project Say Anything – has amassed a horde of devotees by reciting his art-as-confessional musings on hipster elitism and drug abuse over the kind of bombastic power-pop that inspires car singalongs and hand drumming on dashboards. Still, it’s the kind of confessional that would make Chris Carrabba blush. Record execs have been reportedly calling him the “next Bob Dylan” since he was 14, and his band’s 2007 album, In Defense of the Genre, rallied a generation of early-millennial emo addicts by celebrating their beloved form of expression. A few albums and widely documented mental breakdowns later, Bemis and Co. are back to promote the just-released Anarchy, My Dear. Watching Bemis pace the stage and disseminate his spoken-word is undeniably captivating, and despite recent missteps, their major-label debut still deserves its cult following. – Allie Conti