Selection Reminder: The Way of the Cards opens tomorrow!



Through May 6 – The Way of the Cards Mandell Theatre Lowndes Shakespeare Center 812 E. Rollins St. $15

The path to producing theater is frequently fraught, but not many shows have trod such a trying trail as The Way of the Cards. We’ve followed writer-director Aradhana Tiwari’s original script for years, back when it was workshopped at Orlando Shakes in 2010. Tiwari, who was recently appointed president of the Women Playwrights’ Initiative, even sojourned to Vegas for “research” (expense that!). The debut of this drama was delayed when health issues forced original producer and star Beth Marshall to step aside in favor of presenter Play the Moment and actress Kate Ingram. So it’s a relief to finally see the production (which also stars Anthony Pyatt Jr., Olivia Richardson and Gabe Patrick) fully staged. The story centers around Tip (Pyatt Jr.) and his mother Sass Arlington (Ingram), a cashed-out riverboat card shark who was once “First Lady of the Vegas Strip,” and is structured around a single hand of Texas Hold ’em poker. Here’s hoping Lady Luck is with this exclusive Orlando premiere. – Seth Kubersky