Selection Reminder: Doggie Derby tomorrow in Baldwin Park!



Saturday, April 28 – Doggie Derby

9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Corrine Commons

1913 Meeting Place

$15 per dog

Last year, while biking through Baldwin Park, I stumbled across this event purely by chance. Crowds of people were gathered around watching dogs of all shapes and sizes as they were paired up then released down fenced-in lanes to race one another to the finish, derby style. In true dog fashion, they did whatever the hell they wanted – they ran, they walked, they hopped the fences, they peed, they looked cute and confused. People cheered. It was silly. It was pointless. It was a mesmerizing good time. And apparently, it also raises money for a good cause – proceeds are donated to the Stock the Pantry Program, which provides food to homeless Central Florida kids. You can enter your dog in a race, or you can do as we plan to do this year – get out a beach blanket and a pitcher of mimosas and be entertained by the spectacle. – Erin Sullivan