Selection Reminder: Dub Factory: Paintball Wars Edition!



Friday-Saturday, April 27-28 – Dub Factory: Paintball Wars Edition with Vaski, Document One, DJ Messinian, SST, Symbiotic and more 10 p.m.-6 a.m. Orlando Paintball 7215 Rose Ave. 407-294-0694 $20-$25

Presenting the one event in which getting shot at is part of the fun! No, it’s not a rally for George Zimmerman or a horrifically mislabeled Postal Service gig, but a dubstep/paintball/skateboarding/graffiti/laser tag show. Naturally! Presented by outside-the-box bookers Dub Factory, festival headliners and chart-topping dubstep artists Vaski, Document One and Messinian headline the messiest party of the weekend, with skaters Brandon Yarborough, Nick Murphy and Pop Tart providing the kick flips. Paintball takes place across the street, but don’t expect to stay clean at this one, because as we all know, filthy dubstep begets filthy clothes. The local artists on the lineup, including SST and Symbiotic, have strong followings of their own and the party goes all night long. Take a disco nap before this one. – Ed Chapkowski