Selection Reminder: Central Florida Composers Forum!



Sunday, April 29 – Central Florida Composers Forum 7 p.m. Timucua White House 2000 S. Summerlin Ave. free

It can be a desperate thing to be a modern classical composer. There’s very little local radio support and very few places to perform this kind of challenging work, so it can be nearly impossible to get a piece heard by more than a dozen ears, especially for composers who aren’t working in the same old tired modes. Run-of-the-mill audiences want their Beethoven – or something that sounds damn close to it – so if you aren’t aping old Ludwig Von, you’d better be part of a college music department full of built-in players (and listeners). What Central Florida Composers Forum (aka CF2) has done is break down those walls of insularity by bringing together composers from all over the area, and not only that, but bringing it to new listeners as well. CF2 is part of a renaissance of local creative music concerts: Suddenly there’s a chance to hear new music on an almost a monthly basis. Sunday’s concert will be an invigorating multimedia mix of electroacoustic, post-minimal, contemporary art song, solo piano and big-band jazz pieces by musicians and composers from Rollins, Full Sail, UCF and of course the guiding light of local arts, Benoit Glazer: musical director of Cirque du Soleil, director of the Timucua Foundation and resident of the (Timucua) White House. – Jessica Bryce Young