Selection Reminder: Franchise art show at XL Gallery!



Thursday, May 3 – Franchise 6 p.m. Extra Large Gallery 431 E. Central Blvd. 407-839-0800 free

On the first single from local artist Skip’s new EP, he describes himself as a “hectic, frantic, man on the move.” He’s not wrong. In a fit of what can only be called insanity, Justin Skipper wrote and recorded See Skip, a seven-track, classic-rock-inspired blitzkrieg released by Second Subject Recordings while simultaneously creating 10-15 brand new art pieces for his sophomore solo gallery show tonight. Skip even designed all the packaging by hand, along with his own supplemental comic books. “It was really intense,” says Skip, who endured sleepless nights and bruised fingertips to make his self-imposed deadline. “This is how my life makes sense,” he says, “pushing my psyche and body to the limits.” So if you see him passed out in the back corner of the gallery tonight, for the love of god, let the man sleep. – Justin Strout