White supremacists arrested near Disney



This week in Our Dumb State: A group of white supremacists was arrested in Osceola County, not far from the Happiest Place on Earth, for planning a race war. According to the arrest warrant filed in Osceola County (see below), members of the militia organization American Front planned to "kill Jews, immigrants and other minorities" and had been stockpiling weapons, ammunition, water and ready-to-eat meals (and some pit bulls, of course, since people with nefarious intentions can't ever seem to leave those poor dogs alone). Perhaps you've run into some of these characters before. Apparently they spent some time around these parts. In October, the warrant says, they met for a "recreational day" at the Mormon-owned Deseret Ranch in east Orange County. It also says members were encouraged to go to "Old Town" (the amusement park?) so they could be seen in public, and that they planned to hold a "disturbance" at Orlando City Hall so they could get some media attention. According to WESH-TV, two of the seven suspects are out on bond tonight. Read the full warrant below. White Supremacists