Woody Allen's "The Purple Rose of Cairo" @ Central Park (8pm, Free)



Woody Allen has called The Purple Rose of Cairo his favorite film, the only one that ever really came out right, the way he envisioned it. It's a great film, one that takes a natural extension from Buster Keaton's Sherlock, Jr., where Buster's character, a projectionist, goes into the frame to solve a mystery.

In The Purple Rose of Cairo, it's Jeff Daniels' 30s screen idol Tom Baxter, having noticed Mia Farrow's Cecilia at every showing of his film, steps out of the screen to live a real life, running around depression era New Jersey with her while his castmates are stuck on screen, waiting for his return.

It's a delicious comedy, one of Woody's best. And its free.

The weather report is a slight chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow, but likely clear skies.

Here are the details:

Thursday, May 10



251 Park Avenue South

Winter Park, FL 32789