Opening in Orlando -- June 1st, 2012


Battlefield America -- Writer/director Chris Stokes, the creative genius behind You Got Served, turns his attention to the cutthroat world of underground dance competitions. Thanks to last-minute reshoots, the thrilling climax now shows our fierce combatants doing bath salts, getting nekkid and biting each other’s faces off. You really got served, son! (PG-13) [youtube Pw93esZ-CA8] Bernie -- Reviewed this week. (PG-13)

For Greater Glory -- In this historical drama, Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria are at the forefront of Catholic rebel forces fighting against the Mexican government. Nearly a century later, their descendants will sneak into the United States and demand to be denied access to birth control. (R)

[youtube 3KiagxENUv4] The Intouchables -- Reviewed this week. (R)

Snow White and the Huntsman -- This week’s big release is a darker, more action-oriented take on the classic fairy tale, with Kristen Stewart going all Joan of Arc on the wicked queen (Charlize Theron). Given that almost none of the ubiquitous TV spots features a single word of dialogue, it’s a good bet the three-man writing team won’t be renting any tuxes next awards season. (PG-13)

[youtube DgfYBJoPFFw]