Scion Rock Fest brings a stacked lineup of heavy/doomy/noisy bands to Tampa



Cerebral Ballzy
  • Cerebral Ballzy

Saturday, June 2 – Scion Rock Fest 2012

with Merzbow, Down, Sleep, Exodus, Repulsion, Cerebral Ballzy (pictured) and more

4 p.m.

various venues in Tampa


“Japanese noise legend Merzbow will be performing in Tampa.” That right there is a noteworthy headline in these parts. “Reunited stoner-metal legends Sleep will be performing their classic Dopesmoker album live in Tampa.” That’s a doozy, too. “Psychic TV to perform in Tampa” would probably get your attention as well. Or, “Florida festival books Terror, Down, All Pigs Must Die, Phobia, Oxbow and more” is kind of impressive, also. How about all of those things put together in one headline? With the kicker, “And it’s all free!” Well, that’s exactly the case – with the addition of about another dozen heavy/doomy/noisy bands – with the Scion Rock Fest, a now-infamous promotional gig put on by the makers of oddly shaped Toyotas that started a few years ago with an impressive lineup in Atlanta of stoner-metal bands and has gone on to up its game every year with a more extreme and interesting roster of acts. This year’s festival is mind-blowing not just for the quality of the acts but for the sheer lack of accessibility that defines the lineup; when Sick of It All is your most mainstream band (and they’re billed, like, 10th), you’re definitely not playing to the masses. And while the show is free, tickets needed to be reserved via local record stores a few weeks ago, and even then, possession of a ticket does not guarantee entry; once the show reaches capacity, admission is on a one-out, one-in basis. – Jason Ferguson