Learn “tricks of the trade” in the Mennello Museum's Making Monotypes workshop



'Like Air' by Nathan Redwood
  • 'Like Air' by Nathan Redwood

Tuesday, June 5 –

Making Monotypes

6-7:30 p.m.

Mennello Museum of American Art

900 E. Princeton St.




As part of the Mennello’s continuing exhibition, Imprints: 20 Years of Flying Horse Editions, artists from the University of Central Florida’s Print Collective lead a class teaching adult students to make their own monotypes. Try to disregard the unfortunate aural resemblance to “monotone”: Monotypes are one-off works created using some of the same tools and techniques as multiple-edition prints. The printmakers will impart “tricks of the trade” (such as how to manipulate printer’s ink so it looks like brushstrokes), using a piece from the show – Nathan Redwood’s “Like Air,” above – as the inspirational jumping-off point. Like the other supporting programming and classes the Mennello has scheduled to accompany Imprints, this is a unique chance to learn from print experts and use professional equipment for an absurdly low price. Check the museum’s website for info on this and upcoming classes. – Jessica Bryce Young