Notable Noise: This Week’s Best Shows [Two Door Cinema Club, the Pauses 'Interact-O-Vision,' Ceremony, Bon Iver, RadioShaq 3, and more]


Monday, June 4

  • Two Door Cinema Club, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Bad Veins [Beacham] - Remember when Clap Your Hands Say Yeah was gonna be the biggest indie band ever? Hahaha. Me too. Well, maybe they can tell the kids in Two Door Cinema Club how that worked out for them, because right now, Two Door is just about the biggest indie band ever. Ireland beats Brooklyn!


Tuesday, June 5


Wednesday, June 6

  • Ceremony, Great Deceivers [Back Booth] - A lot of people really really hate the "new" Ceremony. I am not one of those people. I mean, I guess I understand how one can be baffled by the band's change in sound, but there is nothing on Zoo that isn't awesome. And, you know, the band still completely slays live, but yeah, the hardcore bros are gonna be seriously confused.

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Thursday, June 7



Friday, June 8


Saturday, June 9


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Sunday, June 10

It Runs Through Our Blood, the Dull Blades, the Mother Machine [Will's]