The Pauses present "Interact-O-Vision" at the Social



Photo by Jason Greene
  • Photo by Jason Greene

Thursday, June 7 – The Pauses Present "Interact-O-Vision"

with Surfin Serf, Out Go the Lights, Day Joy

8 p.m.

The Social

54 N. Orange Ave.



You know the adage: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t ... something about music critics.” Or was it teachers? Whatever. There are lots of people who can’t do a certain thing, yet insist on critiquing and judging those who do, and this weekend, the Pauses are calling those people to the stage. For their “Interact-O-Vision” show at the Social, the band is rigging up a special synthesizer to trigger and manipulate video content to be shown during the music. It’s the sort of fourth-wall obliteration that excites some people and completely terrifies others, but the notion of seeing a room full of judgmental scenesters uncross their arms long enough to volunteer to be involved in the onstage action is tantalizing, indeed. The Pauses don’t need gimmicks to entertain – their music is among the most engaging and thoughtful and fun of Florida’s indie bands – but it’s wonderful that they’re as willing to be as adventurous in their stage show as they are on record. – Jason Ferguson