A Tribute to Alien Art Show at The Falcon



'Alien Xenomorph Warrior 3' by Plinio Pinto
  • 'Alien Xenomorph Warrior 3' by Plinio Pinto

Saturday, June 9 – A Tribute to Alien Art Show

8 p.m.

The Falcon

819 E. Washington St.




OK, let’s get this out of the way. Alien movies in order of bestness: 1) Alien; 2) Alien Resurrection; 3) Alien 3, 4) Prometheus, although I haven’t seen it yet; and 5) Aliens. (The only Alien-related characters stupider than James Cameron’s testosterone-addled Marines are all the characters in both Alien vs. Predator “prequels.”) Don’t agree? 1) You’re wrong; and 2) we’ll have the chance to fight it out at the Falcon Bar’s Giger-licious Tribute to Alien show, featuring shiny-skulled mama monsters, facehuggers, treacherous androids and, no doubt, lots and lots of hip-hugging white underpants, all bursting from the chests of Plinio Pinto, Horsebites, Dres13, Stephanie Smith, Austin James and dozens more local artists. Here’s hoping the evening’s drink special doesn’t eat through your glass

and your foot

and the floor

and the sewer system

. – Jessica Bryce Young