Puscifer head to Hard Rock Live



Photo by Tim Cadiente
  • Photo by Tim Cadiente

Wednesday, June 13 – Puscifer

8 p.m.

Hard Rock Live

6050 Universal Blvd.




When Maynard James Keenan isn’t signing bottles of his own wine at Whole Foods or practicing chokeholds with the Gracies, he prefers the company of other musicians in a variety of musical side projects, namely those whose names don’t really matter. Be it Tool, A Perfect Circle or tonight’s entertainment, Mr. Show joke-turned-fairly respectable solo-ish gig, Puscifer (their albums include “V” Is For Vagina and “C” Is For [Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here]), Keenan’s a man of multitudinous muses. Also, Puscifer’s “The Humbling River” is better than anything A Perfect Circle will ever do. Just saying. – Justin Strout