what makes hammy run?




By now, you've probably seen theĀ adorable video of an itty-bitty piglet rushing down the stairs in search of ...

But wait. If you haven't seen Hamlet's stair derring-do, or if you just need to see it again (guilty), first let's take a look:


So the question is, what awaits Hamlet in that bowl? What could inspire such a brave dash on tiny, tiny legs down such a steep staircase? Me, I think I've figured it out: There are Bacon Off tickets in there, not just delicious oatmeal.

Only free passes to the porkcentric event of the year could arouse that much headlong passion in a piglet: Who doesn't want to see (and taste) the competition between Big Wheel Mobile andĀ C&S Brisket Bus for bacon swag bragging rights? Even if you might end up as the main dish.

Look for more information on Bacon Off in the Food + Drink section of our June 14 issue, on the street Wednesday and online Thursday.