John King hosts Bloomsday celebration at Urban ReThink



Saturday, June 16 – Bloomsday 6-9 p.m. Urban ReThink 625 E. Central Blvd. 407-704-6895 $5 suggested donation

Sometimes dubbed “St. Patrick’s day for intellectuals,” Bloomsday is a long-standing tradition of James Joyce fans, Irish or otherwise. For more than a century now, readers in love with Joyce’s legendary, erudite, impenetrably dense and shot-glass-thick text, Ulysses – or maybe just smug about having made it all the way through – have been making protagonist Leopold Bloom’s blowzy pilgrimage a day of annual meeting. Urban ReThink’s edition of Bloomsday, hosted by John King and to be recorded as the second episode of his podcast on writing, “The Drunken Odyssey,” features readings by local literary types (including, because why not, a 6-foot-tall puppet named Godrick the Giant) – attendees are invited to read as well – and a feast of vaguely Irish-American food (corned beef and cabbage, etc.) served with Guinness Extra Stout, aka Irish mother’s milk. Fear not the Guinness: Joyce is as easy to parse drunk as sober, and maybe more fun drunk. – Rob Boylan