Help Save Tasty Tuesdays in the Milk District!



As anyone who showed up two night ago knows, the plug got yanked on Tasty Tuesdays, the Milk District's weekly Tuesday-night food-truck meetup, with basically no notice. Trucks full of delicious chicken & waffles, popsicles, and hummus were left scrambling to contact their fans via Facebook and Twitter to let them know there'd be a distinct lack of tastiness on Robinson Street.

No one is saying anything substantive about what happened or why, just making vague accusations that one of the Milk District business owners (unnamed) called the city to complain that the event made parking difficult for its customers. Of course, let's not take into account that the event was bringing dozens, if not hundreds, of new people into the area on a weekly basis, right? Nah.

We have contacted the city for comment and will update this post when we hear more. Apparently the issue is that at Tasty Tuesdays, unlike most food truck events, the trucks set up in public parking spots. City spokesperson Heather Fagan confirms that this is against code, but says they're still looking into the issue.

In the meantime, Tommy Barger (a.k.a. DJ Mot) of Spacebar has set up a petition asking the City of Orlando to reinstate the event. You can sign it here. And this week's event is planned to happen in the parking lots behind Spacebar/Sandwich Bar/Milk Bar/Etoile Boutique, so: not in public parking.

Finally, if you would like to express your displeasure on-camera on the local affiliate of the Devil's Own News Network, Fox 35 will be on Robinson Street trolling for interviews at noon today. Did someone say photobomb?

UPDATE: Cassandra Lafser, spokeswoman for the City of Orlando, sent us a response, excerpted here.

"Code Enforcement typically reacts to complaints received by residents

and businesses and responds to those.  In this instance, a neighboring

businesses called code enforcement and reported a complaint about

businesses operating in the location of the public parking spaces

along Robinson Street.

"Code Enforcement inspected the situation and found that these

businesses were in violation of City code by operating in the public

right of way.  Businesses are informed of the City’s operating rules

and regulations and must sign they understand these before they are

issued a Business Tax Receipt allowing them to conduct business in the

City of Orlando."