Out of the Vault opens at UCF Art Gallery



Art by Jose Orozco
  • Art by Jose Orozco

 Thursday, June 21 – Out of the Vault

6-8 p.m.

UCF Art Gallery

4000 Central Florida Blvd.




The sonorous phrase “out of the vault” brings to mind various images: moldy old tape masters of songs no one wants to hear, some animated Disney movie available on DVD for five minutes, Geraldo Rivera’s disappointing Al Capone TV fizzle. This opening, displaying art from UCF’s private collection, promises to be more fun than a 1972 Grateful Dead B-side, your fifth viewing of Dumbo or a dusty bottle that some mobbed-up thug may once have touched. Instead, the UCF Art Gallery will be filled with gems that have been too rarely seen since their donation to the school, including paintings by Floridian-by-way-of-Hungary folk artist Tibor Pataky and the grande dame of American sculpture, Louise Nevelson. Any chance to see work by the late Nevelson is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss, however sucky the parking at UCF can sometimes be. – Jessica Bryce Young