Debut solo set by Dizzle Phunk tonight at Bombshell's Tavern



Photo by Joy Marie
  • Photo by Joy Marie

Saturday, June 30 – Dizzle Phunk: Introduction to a Cowboy

9 p.m.

Bombshell's Tavern

5405 Edgewater Drive



Approximately 99.3 percent of the time, when a DJ says he’s becoming a space cowboy for a night, we assume that DJ is on drugs or possibly having a hipster identity crisis. But when that DJ is Orlando’s Dizzle Phunk, the second part is definitely wrong. As seen in his recent video for Phraydoe Peans’ “Blowem All Away,” Dizzle Phunk can rock a shiny cowboy hat like a rhinestone gangster. Tonight is his debut solo set to celebrate the release of his new instrumental album, Requiem (R.I.P.), and in true Dizzle Phunk style, he’s blowing it out by commanding four turntables, accompanied by a light show and appearances by several local MCs. Because a cowboy never goes small. – Justin Strout