Hello, Dolly! shows as part of Garden Theatre's summer movie series




Thursday, July 5 –

Hello, Dolly!

7 p.m.

Garden Theatre

160 W. Plant St.

Winter Garden




Why go a whole 20-30 minutes out of your way to see a movie that’s surely streaming on some device that’s probably already in your pocket? Normally, we wouldn’t have an answer, although we might have a thought or two on your over-inflated self-worth. (Although to be honest, we usually have a couple of personal critiques at the ready, anyway, because you’ll thank us in the end.) How about because Winter Garden’s Garden Theatre is such a damned treasure that people used to watch newsreels there? Or that it’s air-conditioned and your shitty unit is on the fritz again? Maybe it’s because the Winter Garden community is showing serious signs of cinematic life following the inaugural micro-budget film festival, Starlite, in February, or that tonight’s selection, Hello, Dolly!, disguised an awesome feud between stars Barbra Streisand and Walter Matthau, who reportedly told the singer she “had no more talent than a butterfly’s fart.” In truth, we want to call your attention to the Garden Theatre’s entire damn summer lineup, which lets you and two friends see everything for $55. Thursdays boast vintage faves, including the can’t-miss A Night at the Opera (Aug. 2), while Friday is the time for cult classics, though the lineup suggests yet another art house failing to grasp the very concept of “cult” movies. Saturdays, though, are the true draw: micro-budget films like the well-known Swingers and local productions like A Beautiful Belly and The Miseducation of Simon Kraus. – Justin Strout