Orlando Phil’s Sounds of Summer chamber series features local tango group Kalinka




Monday, July 9 – Sounds of Summer: Tanglisimo featuring Kalinka

7 p.m.

Margeson Theater

Lowndes Shakespeare Center

812 E. Rollins St.




We were recently guests at a wedding at which the bride and groom’s first dance was a tango. So we’re able to say from personal experience that tango isn’t just the stereotypical dance of seduction; it can express sweetness, tenderness, commitment as well. Actually, that’s the best part of tango – it can convey almost any emotion within its instantly recognizable form. This Monday, the Orlando Phil’s Sounds of Summer chamber series features local multicultural tango group Kalinka exploring that range of emotion and adding their own spin to turn-of-the-century and newer Argentinean and European tangos, including one of Astor Piazzolla’s revolutionary-in-its-time tango nuevo pieces. Olga Ferranti, Russian-born violinist for Kalinka, says that tango “combines the glamour of the ballroom and the allure of the underground”; we say, it’s OK to tap your feet but don’t burst onto the stage with a rose clamped between your teeth. (Just kidding, please do that.) – Jessica Bryce Young