Electro breakbeat artists Spacemen head to Mela Room




Tuesday, July 10 – Spacemen

with Subliminal, Jayson Butera, Habbit and more

10 p.m.

Mela Room

9677 S. Orange Blossom Trail



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Long before the arrival of the structures that artists such as Daft Punk, Deadmau5 and Amon Tobin perform on, we had artists like Rabbit in the Moon and electro breakbeat artists Spacemen, whose performances helped pave the way for today’s over-the-top setups and performances. Whether they enter through the back door or walk in through the crowd, the Spacemen hit the stage, play their set and bounce – no muss, no fuss. That’s a good thing for this show, because as cool and weird as it is that it’s booked at a banquet hall (albeit an enormously accommodating one that’s hosted foam parties, ethnic celebrations and fashion shows), nobody wants to be drinking in the parking lot when the first wedding of the morning rolls in. That’s just sad. – Ed Chapkowski