Share your favorite poem at Ashley Inguanta's Poetry Cover Night




Monday, July 16 – Ashley Inguanta's Poetry Cover Night

7 p.m.

Urban ReThink

625 E. Central Blvd.



“Full fathom five thy father lies/Of his bones are coral made

”; “Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone

”; “I have eaten/the plums/that were in/the icebox

.” It’s hard enough to choose a favorite poem – to choose just one, that is – and it will be even more difficult for participants in local flash-fic phenom Ashley Inguanta’s upcoming Poetry Cover Night to choose a poem to perform. The concept is brilliant in its simplicity; everyone loves a great cover version. But the dilemma before potential performers is the same as the one that confronts cover bands: Is it best to go with a lesser-known work you can totally own, or to put your own mark on a favorite that everyone knows? While I might choose a less recognizable and/or more modern poem than those quoted earlier (free tip: just about anything Sharon Olds ever wrote would kill), there’s undeniable joy for the audience in knowing the chorus. And just think how awesome it would be to hear a roomful of people chanting, “Let us go then, you and I/When the evening is spread out against the sky/Like a patient etherized upon a table,” (etc., etc.), in unison. Please do go and make your visit. – Jessica Bryce Young