Two great shows tonight: Wet Nurse at Uncle Lou's and Levek/Basements/Roadkill at Back Booth


Yeah, yeah, I know. The Orlando Weekly Best of Orlando party is tonight and it's a big deal. But, you know, not everyone can (or wants to) get in to it. Lucky for them, there are two awesome shows tonight featuring some great local (and sorta-local) bands.


Wet Nurse just kicked off their IndieGoGo fundraising campaign so they can raise some money to tour and support their new album, Daily Whatever. The album is due out in August, but you can pre-order it now and get in free to their record-release party on August 24 at Peacock, after which, the band will be heading out on the road to hit the Deep South, Texas, the Midwest, New England, New York, DC, and then back to the South. It's an ambitious tour schedule, and month-long tours are expensive! So the IndieGoGo campaign has been set up to help ensure they've at least got enough gas money to get home. GO DONATE, and get a tape or a record or a CD or even some postcards from the road.

Oh, you can also go see the band play tonight at Uncle Lou's with Peeple Watchin', Big Awesome, Coming Clean, The Holy Shits, and Henrietta. The show's just $5 and it kicks off super-early (8:30).


And, over at Back Booth is the latest NorseKorea free show, and this one features the almighty thump of Basements of Florida, the diaphanous twang of Roadkill Ghost Choir, and – in what will probably be the last chance you'll have to see them for free  – Gainesville's Levek, who are warming up for their two shows this weekend in New York City. Obviously, those NYC shows (at Pianos and Glasslands Gallery) are a big deal, since this is going to be a chance for all the bloggers and critics who are freaking out about the band's forthcoming Look A Little Closer album (out Sept. 25) to check out Levek in person. And, with Orlando's own Gerald Perez (aka Maximino) on board as a full-time member now, there's no doubt that they'll be quite impressive. Come check 'em out so you can brag to all your Brooklyn friends that "yeah, I saw 'em before you did."