Target Family Theatre Festival starts July 20



Photo by Michael Cairns
  • Photo by Michael Cairns

Friday, July 20 – Target Family Theatre Festival

through July 29

Orlando Repertory Theatre

1001 E. Princeton St.



Teachers need a break too, so every year they close school for the summer and leave the little darlings in your hands. Thus begins the search for activities that keep them mostly out of your hair but are still relatively wholesome and/or educational. (There’s just so much Monkey Quest you can allow them to play before you start to wonder if the kids have been enslaved by Chinese gold – er, banana – farmers.) Give your iPad a break and let the Orlando Rep take over those pesky parenting duties with a week full of kid-centric concerts, plays and workshops: send them to Pirate School, take in a staged version of Katie Couric’s picture book The Brand New Kid, let ’em rock out with their blocks out with Davey Rocker’s Barn Yard Jam. Best part: Aside from the two plays (Brand New Kid is $10 and a trimmed-down youth version of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s State Fair is $15), it’s all free. – Jessica Bryce Young