Never Not Lurking 3 cell-phone photography show at Spacebar



'Rooftop' by Jesse Turley
  • 'Rooftop' by Jesse Turley

Friday, July 20 – Never Not Lurking 3

8 p.m.


2428 E. Robinson St.



The third installment of Mike Altz and Tommy Mot’s cell-phone-only photography show hits Spacebar Friday night, bringing another round of its irresistible mix of local landscapes, travel snaps, carefully posed GPOY and fortuitous split-second captures (a snake about to strike, a car crash in the moment of impact). Enthusiasts and practitioners have moved past the is-it-art? question, or maybe they never cared; but for the viewer, there’s an undeniable pull to the idea that anyone can do it. Get inspired enough, and your work might be hanging at Spacebar in the already-scheduled Never Not Lurking 4. – Jessica Bryce Young