In the wake of the British Romneyshambles, local Obama supporters point back toward middle-class pocketbooks



If you're around Orlando or Kissimmee today, you may be greeted with a slight reminder of what this election is really about. Hint: It's not just Anglo-Saxons! This week's "symbolic" extension of the Bush-era tax cuts for the middle class may be igniting a swarm of cackles out of the House chambers – we're looking at you, Boehner – but to those of us who aren't engaged in the very important practice of political high-kicks-to-ball-kicks, Democrats want you to be reminded that the tax cuts that Obama supports mean a lot to Americans. You can read a full five page report on the matter here. (Warning: "Romney's secret tax plan" is probably not a good thing) Or, you can find this quick summary (below) in a mailbox or below-the-poverty-line hand near you today. Forward through your Friday, then.

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