California-based ALAK headline block party




Friday, Aug. 3 – ALAK Block Party

with ATTIC, Surfin Serf, Permanent Nap

5 p.m.

715 N. Thornton Ave.


On the surface, this event doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It’s even listed as being held at a place called “Cloud 9” in Thornton Park that doesn’t exist. In reality, it’s a block party in the area that should probably just call itself the Dandelion District, but, man, what a party. With performances by local experimental favorites ATTIC, buzzy math-pop act Surfin Serf and wonky four-piece Permanent Nap setting the stage for Jocelyn Noir’s California-based headliners ALAK – also La Empanada food truck! – the vibe feels right, even if details are scarce. If you’ve never heard of ALAK, well, that’s part of their appeal: Noir’s voice intriguingly blends Southeast Asian literalism with a raspy delicacy. When combined with firmly grounded instrumentation and the band’s tougher-than-it-sounds pop foundation, ALAK creates, well, a kind of cloud nine, where magic and (wo)man not only coexist but sometimes get straight-up dirty. – Justin Strout