Drinkers go throat-to-throat at the Beer Olympics



Photo by Monkey Business Images
  • Photo by Monkey Business Images

Saturday, Aug. 4 – Beer Olympics

2-5 p.m.

World of Beer

7800 Dr. Phillips Blvd.



$20 for team of four

Yeah, sure, the group of athletes competing in London this week is a notable bunch, but the Olympians taking center stage at this event also possess some serious talent – some have also been training for their whole lives – and bring an entirely new sport to the 2012 games. It’s called the Beer Olympics, and it’s happening right on our own home turf. Here’s how it’ll play out: Teams of four highly skilled and well-trained beer drinkers go throat-to-throat for the gold in nine hard-hitting bouts including War Rapid Fire Beer Pong and the Boot Chug. Other matches, like the Shotgun Showdown focus on individual play, but team spirit will be noted, and prizes will be awarded for best team name and T-shirt design. We’re dealing with professional beer-drinkers here, so (appropriately), the winning teams’ medals will arrive in the form of World of Beer gift cards – because practice makes perfect. – Aimee Vitek