Fringe First Mondays presents Blue & Tod's Cabaret


Monday, Aug. 6 – Fringe First Mondays: Blue & Tod's Cabaret 7 p.m. Lowndes Shakespeare Center 812 E. Rollins St. RSVP to $10

Just when you thought it was safe to assume that you were no longer a wild-eyed theater gypsy with a thing for food on sticks served near a beer tent, the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival comes creeping back through your left ear to remind you that that Fringe feeling never goes away. Your mascara will run forever! Kicking off this year’s Fringe “season,” perennial favorites Baby Blue and Tod Kimbro – a sort of Sonny and Cher institution by now, surely – will gussy up their cabaret schtick with bits from Fringe’s past like “Too Drunk to Fringe” and “Big Queer Hootenanny.” But wait, there’s more! Blue promises through her own blond fringe that you should probably bring your sedatives along because, “You know how we like to do those ’80s flashbacks!” Oh, do we ever. – Billy Manes