Opening in Orlando -- August 10th, 2012


The Bourne Legacy -- We have a bit of a bet going on at Orlando Weekly over this one. Certain parties (who shall remain nameless) believe The Avengers was such a mammoth win for everybody involved that even Jeremy Renner can now carry a summer action flick all on his own -- even one as seemingly unsellable as a Damon-less Bourne installment. Meanwhile, I say that about three in 10 of the people who saw Avengers can name “Hawkeye” as a featured character, 2 in 10 would recognize Renner’s face (especially sans shades) if you tattooed it onto their eyelids, and .5 in 10 could connect the dots from “Avengers” to “Hawkeye” to “Oh, it’s that guy again” to “Get the car keys.” Monday’s weekend actuals will tell the tale; in the meantime, don’t put down any money on a swift end to the post-Dark Knight box-office doldrums. (Unless you’re the aforementioned unnamed sap, that is -- in which case I’ll gladly take your money faster than Romney snatching coins from a blind man’s cup.) (PG-13) [youtube cdtUdEoE-Q4] The Campaign -- Reviewed this week. (R)

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