Gay rights group adds the Magic and Amway to boycott list


Mike Bianchi’s running off at the typewriter in last Sunday’s Sentinel mentioned that Amway and the Magic are currently being boycotted by a gay-rights group.  The reason:  Doug DeVos, son of Amway and Magic owner Rich DeVos and part of the team's management group, donated $500,000 smackeroos to the anti-gay-marriage group, National Organization of Marriage (NOM).


The boycott is being organized by the first openly gay presidential candidate for the 2012 election:  Republican Fred Karger.

Karger is the president of Rights Equal Rights, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation that draws “attention to the major donors to the Yes on 8 campaign.”

His site is a hub for all things boycott (the word is used on the landing page more than eight times) – from shunning A1 Self Storage to Manchester Hotels to Amway.

Karger and Rights Equal Rights started another website dedicated just to the boycott of Amway, its parent company, Alticor, its sister companies, Quixtar Incorporated, AccessGroup LLC and all of their subsidiaries, and other DeVos-family owned companies.

On the site, you can find a petition, an open letter to Mr. Doug DeVos and a page urging people to call DeVos – phone number is included, but it’s just the general line, good luck getting him on the phone.


Better keep a cheat sheet on who to boycott. It’s a long list.  At least with the Chick-Fil-A debacle, there was only one chicken to go after.