Opening in Orlando -- August 17th, 2012


The Expendables 2 -- Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, the Governator and a bunch of other GOP ass-grabbers are back for the second installment of the action franchise that might be termed “mercs on Medicare.” (And now it is, since I just made that up this very second.) This time, a seemingly simple operation goes horribly wrong, resulting in the death of one of our heroes. Hey, at this rate, maybe they’ll all be gone by the time their benefits dry up! (R) [youtube XQf3YP8p85I] ParaNorman -- Reviewed this week. (PG)

The Queen of Versailles -- Reviewed this week. (NR)

Sparkle -- Jordin Sparks takes center stage in this remake of the ’70s musical drama about a trio of singing sisters who have to navigate all the pitfalls the entertainment industry can put in front of them. The original gave us Irene Cara and Philip Michael Thomas, but mark my words: This one’s going to be distinguished by the breakout performance of one “Whitney Houston,” whose career-making turn as the girls’ mother is going to be all anyone wants to talk about. (PG-13)

[youtube 55cuiV9yL6Q]