They did it all for the Wookie



Orange County Convention Center has been the run- of-the-mill trade show spot for years, handling large crowds of  professionals in casket-ready suits passing out free schwag and business cards.  These next four days will be a bit different, like from another galaxy different.

The Star Wars Celebration VI opened yesterday (Aug. 23rd-26th) and expects over 35,000 troopers, Leias, Lukes, Vaders, and the crew from the Cantina.  With guests like Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamil, Seth Green, and Kevin Smith - it will surely be a geek-romp of Star Wars cinephiles under one roof.

Fans were dressed to the nines with full costumes and makeup.   A Belgian company recreated famous scene sets from only paper mache and chicken wire.  The fans were geeking out on all the detail of the sets- surprised someone didn't blow a neck vein from so much glee.

From getting a tattoo of the AT-AT walker on your back to getting a massage from Princess Leia on your neck to grabbing a bite at the Jabba the Hutt Food Court - this con runs the whole gamut of all things from a long time ago.

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