Red Chair Affair kicks off Orlando's cultural season


Orlando Ballet
  • Orlando Ballet

Saturday, Aug. 25 – Red Chair Affair

7 p.m.

(5:30 p.m. for VIP)

Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre

401 W. Livingston St.



Because every now and then this bland little burg needs a reminder that it indeed boasts a “cultural season” for boosters and aesthetes alike, this Saturday the Bob Carr will be awash in a wave of crimson (or at least some chairs will be) in an effort to provide a metaphorical boost to some of the region’s representative performing arts anchors. Oh, it’s more fun than it sounds. Headliner Michael Andrew – remember when “swing” was a thing? – will likely bring some premature romance as a preview for the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra’s 20th anniversary My Funny Valentine next February, some woman in a too-tight red dress will inevitably spill wine down her cleavage and everybody will point and laugh. Well, probably not, but this eighth annual celebration isn’t quite as stuffy as most might think, especially if you’re a VIP getting loaded on free wine and sliders backstage before enjoying a cavalcade of truncated performances meant to whet the intellectual side of your appetite. It’s like a variety show with red chairs (for auction!), really, and one of the best gossip-seeking events Orlando has to offer. Go be somebody. – Billy Manes