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Of all the Labor Day weekend events Orlando has to offer this year, Revolution has perhaps the most fabulous one of all. Carmen Carrera (aka The Body Beautiful) will be performing 3 consecutive nights at Revolution. Carmen is mostly known for her participation in the 3rd season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Although, she had publicly identified herself as a gay man on Drag Race she recently confirmed suspicions that she is in fact a transgendered woman. Carmen has chosen to continue doing drag shows across the country, but she also aims to be positive role model for the trans community. She expanded her celebrity by making various cameos on mainstream television programs in an effort to spread awareness of trans issues. In May she appeared on ABC’s special report news program Primetime: What Would You Do?, in a segment that illustrated some of the adversities transwomen face in their daily lives.

A month later she appeared in an episode of TLC’s Cake Boss. The producers deceived her and handle her gender identity irreverently. Shortly after the episode aired a petition was crated demanding that TLC issue an apology to Carmen as well as the entire trans community. The petition generated 8,000 signatures within 2 days and the official Facebook page for Cake Boss was completely inundated with demands for an apology. As a result the network conceded and pulled the episode from rotation. While the episode itself didn’t go as planned the backlash TLC faced underscored the slow albeit growing trend of support and acceptance of transgendered women.


Carmen Carrera LIVE

Aug 30 – Sep 1

No cover 21+ before (12am Thur), No cover 21+ before (11pm Fri & Sat), 18+ Welcome

Drink specials and show times vary.

Revolution - 375 S. Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL, (407) 228-9900