Sheri Brinkerhoff shows you how to make a pinhole camera




Wednesday, Aug. 29 – Making a Pinhole Camera

7 p.m.

Urban ReThink

625 E. Central Blvd.



Oh, HD. Thanks to you, technological marvel that you are, we get to see the foundation caked into our news anchors’ wrinkles, the pilling sweaters and dandruff-dusted shoulders of their guests; we can read the “Federal Bikini Inspector” T-shirt in the background of the pictures we take at that bar by the beach. When it comes to beauty, sometimes less is more: less perfection = more mystery. A pinhole camera can not only give us the ethereal images we seek, but niftily demonstrates an everyday magic trick as well with just a box with a hole poked in it, a light source and a basic working knowledge of physics. (Just kidding, the physics take care of themselves.) This workshop taught by photographer Sheri Brinkerhoff will simultaneously satisfy the desire for wabi-sabi and the DIY urge; check Urban ReThink’s website for suggested supplies. – Jessica Bryce Young