Notable Noise: This Week's Best Shows [Will's Pub's 17th Anniversary, Pauses/Great Deceivers EP release, Ed Sheeran, Obituary, more]




Hey, everyone. Let's take a minute and wish Will's Pub a Happy 17th Birthday. Yeah, there were a few lost years in there, but the Pub has long been and still is the heart of Orlando's underground music scene. The celebration started a couple days ago, but is rolling all through this week. Check out the schedule:

  • Personal Boy, Marble, Sundrenched, Apoch, Glad Animal Movements (tonight)
  • Slim Cessna's Auto Club, the Mud Flappers (tomorrow)
  • A comedy extravaganza with Larry Fulford, Nick Pupo, Alex Luchun, Clay Robertson, Luke Swiderski, Lauris Vidal (Thursday)
  • The Pauses / Great Deceivers 12" Split Release, with Out Go The Lights, Alexander & the Grapes (Friday)
  • The Legendary JC's, Poetry 'n Lotion (Saturday)
  • Trails, Cheek's (Sunday)

Yeah, that's pretty awesome, right? Show your love, you guys, show your love.

Here's what else is going on this week:

Tuesday, Sept. 4

Thursday, Sept. 6

Friday, Sept. 7


Saturday, Sept. 8