Checking in on the progress over at Plaza Live (Spoiler: the Euge Groove show has been cancelled)




The roof repairs over at Plaza Live are underway, and, if you've ever dealt with roofing contractors, you may not be surprised to learn that the project is going to take a little longer than predicted. The picture above was posted the other day on the Plaza's Facebook page, and ... wow.

According to the folks over there, "Everything has to be removed; lighting, audio, seats, curtains, etc. so when roof is removed more damage doesn't occur. This is a ton of work!!!!!"

Anyway, the timeline-shifting has resulted in the cancellation of a show that was previously scheduled to be the first show in the newly repaired building. So, if you were holding tickets for the Sept. 23 performance by Euge Groove, you can get a refund on your tickets; the Plaza folks say they're working to get the show rescheduled.