New giant-screen film Space Junk premieres at OSC's Cocktails & Cosmos



Space Junk3D, LLC
  • Space Junk3D, LLC

Saturday, Sept. 8 – Space Junk

8 p.m.

Orlando Science Center

777 E. Princeton St.



The human race hasn’t managed to populate outer space yet, but we’ve certainly done a fine job of polluting it. Since we started launching rockets, shuttles and ships into orbit in the 1960s, we’ve cluttered the upper atmosphere with hundreds of dead satellites and 6,000 tons of what’s come to be known as “space junk” – nuts, bolts and discarded fuel, as well as old rockets and anything else that breaks or we don’t want to bother using anymore. So, kind of like your garage. Only, the contents of your garage don’t bust out of their orbit at terrifying speeds and crash into things, like space junk does. This 3-D movie, premiering tonight at the Orlando Science Center’s adults-only Cocktails & Cosmos party, will introduce you to space junk up close and personal and explain how and why it could be harmful to your health. Because, really, don’t you need to find another new thing you can’t control to worry about? We thought so. – Erin Sullivan