Faun Fables offer psych-folk sounds at the Social




Wednesday, Sept. 12 – Faun Fables

8 p.m.

The Social

54 N. Orange Ave.




It’s pretty amazing the slack afforded to the talented. Dawn McCarthy and Nils Frykdahl, the co-headmasters of Faun Fables’ pagan academy, aren’t exactly doing anything a million other wannabe cult leaders or pseudo-Gaia types aren’t attempting in a million holistic art spaces: female-fronted, woodwind-assisted psych-folk with a wicked theatrical bent and concept albums involving pre-dusk rituals and invisible housewives. Some may roll their eyes at the act instinctually, but music lovers know what they don’t – Faun Fables are the real deal. Every chord change contains a new idea, every howl at the moon a new transformation. Their last album, Light of a Vaster Dark, can literally boost your emotional IQ on first listen. That’s science. – Justin Strout