Baby Blue's Varietease performs at brand new venue




Thursday, Sept. 13 – Varietease: The New Show

8 p.m.

through Oct. 13

The Venue

511 Virginia Drive



Don’t let the rustic exterior of this former yoga studio fool you – inside is magic and glitter and sexual perversity and jazz hands. The ringleader of this erotic circus, Peter Pan to a gaggle of naughty Darlings, is Baby Blue, Orlando’s own amalgam of Marlene Dietrich, Barbie and Peaches, who’s finally found a home for her Varietease troupe. Dubbed simply the Venue, this Ivanhoe Village cottage will serve as HQ for Baby Blue’s continually evolving burlesque-acrobatic-drag-cabaret performance art, a safe space in which minds can be blown by the swirling sensory overload of a Baby Blue production. Also: cocktails. Opening night sees the premiere of The New Show (Blue’s all about the minimal names this year) and the Venue will serve as one of Fringe Fest 2013’s newly added stages, so make a rezzy now and get the lay of the land before it sells out in the spring. – Jessica Bryce Young