Little-known facts about “The Innocence of Muslims”



10. Cast thought they were shooting a commercial for Herbalife

9. Other known aliases of producer “Sam Bacile” include “Iggy Noramus,” “Amanda Huggenkiss” and “Harvey Weinstein”

8. Shooting script vetted by Politifact

7. Academy screening attended by voting member Laura Dern, Lithuanian theater custodian and escaped rhesus monkey

6. Post-conversion 3D surprisingly effective, especially in the stoning scenes

Are you sure Courtney Stodden done it this way?
5. YouTube trailer expected to pass 2016: Obama’s America as most-watched geopolitical documentary based on absolute bullshit 4. The Prophet’s big line: “You’re tearing me apaaaart, Allah!” 3. Spoiler: Best jokes all in the ads 2. Currently stands at 0 percent on Islamist review-aggregator site, Rotten Figs and Dates 1. All things considered, still a better watch than Dark Shadows